Southwest Prevailing, 2020

Video, 60 seconds
Louise Shaw SouthWest Prevailing video still

This video work captures a live moment as the wind moves my laundered blouse on a friend’s washing line. It was recorded incidentally, as the poetic possibility caught my eye, a glimpse of morning light and movement, frustratingly darting out of shot.

Coming back to the clip during the events of 2020, seeing the blouse yield to the wind captured something I was then feeling but couldn’t quite name: a sense of also being affected by an invisible force, something beyond the dominant southwest wind.

The soundtrack needed to echo the visual interplay, the simplicity, an ethereal tone. So with a wine glass in hand I recorded the resonant song and reverberations of a ‘singing’ glass. 

Southwest Prevailing was selected for Borderless Lockdown, an online exhibition of one minute video art, created by Artpro.