After the Bleep


Collated audio from a socially engaged public participation project created during Lockdown in spring 2020. 

With ❤️ from Lockdown


Picture postcards of my home photographed by people I had intended to visit this year, collected into a record of my Lockdown travels.

Southwest Prevailing


Video work capturing a live moment as the wind moves a shirt on washing line, an echo of the prevailing sense of being buffeting by unseen forces.

The Pull


A small transparent sphere holds oil and water, taking the ropes in hand, pulling each in turn, the sphere spins and the liquids surge.

The Woodland Effect


Site specific installation capturing individuals' personal experiences of a public place via anonymous handwritten notes.

Made Tender


A collection of objects attending to the familiar in unfamiliar ways, provoking a response that is more felt than thought.

Field Works


A body of work combining plant materail with concrete and other bindings to create a range of sculptural responses to my environment.