The Woodland Effect, 2019

Site specific installation

Woodland Effect Louise Shaw 2019 4
Woodland Effect Louise Shaw 2019 3

Site specific installation capturing the personal experiences of a public place. Anonymous, handwritten, there-and-then responses gathered a deeply analogue dialogue.

The installation stood alone for visitors to bump into. Comprising of an invitation sign, a seat, a tin of paper, pens and drawing materials and a post box. Passers-by were invited to share their inner thoughts and feelings about the place and their time there. To write or draw on a page from a spiral notebook and post their response into a locked post box. I visited twice a day to collect and log the responses.

Without witness or judgement, alone or with 2 and 4 legged friends people were free to choose if and what they shared in the rare and freeing comfort of anonymity. 40 people participated between Friday lunchtime till Sunday after dark.

The project makes tangible how much our environment affects and means to us, capturing the unquantifiable worth of nature’s landscapes. Threading through the individual responses is a common need to have rich connections with the natural world and the value it adds to our lives.